We build healthy, strong, & empowered kids 

 The only self-learning certification program that teaches kids about nutrition, life skills, and having a healthy mindset to achieve their dreams 


What we do

We guide your child in an adventurous self-learning experience so that they can be their own superhero.

Now more than ever, kids need to be equipped with the right tools to thrive in today's world.

Tools that plant those seeds of empowerment in fertile ground and Healthy Kids of America is the #1 resource of those tools.


Teaching kids about nutrition and making healthy choices is the start developing our kid's bright future.  


Having a healthy mindset and confidence in who you are is the key to living a happy, healthy and empowered life.

Life Skills

We bring another level of life skills to help kids further along on their quest.  Like learning the value of saving money, building a strong connection with others and setting goals.


The world is getting more and more complicated for kids to grow up to be the best version of themselves.

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Our mini-certifications move your child along each level in the Superhero Academy.

Level One Superhero Nutrition™️


Superhero Nutrition™️ is a power-packed nutrition certification course for kids that will empower your child’s mindset around living a healthy and prosperous life! Click HERE to Join Now!

Level Two Superhero Mindset™️


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Level Three Superhero Fitness™️


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Level Four Superhero Savings™️


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It started with a mission to help teach kids...

    Hi, I’m Uncle Greg and this is my niece, Sophia. We’ll be   your child’s guide on their new quest to forming a healthy identity with food and their self-image.

As a former gym owner (with over 15 years of experience as a health expert), I've helped thousands of adults reverse the long-term effects of negative self-image and poor nutrition habit

When I created the Superhero Foods and the ABC’s of Nutrition program, I knew that I was on to something. After testing out the program with the kids whose parents went to my gym I quickly learned the impact it was having on their families.  It was a massive hit!

             AND THEN I HAD AN AHA MOMENT...

What they say



I'm a certified Healthy Kid of America!



I reached level one Superhero Nutrition and can't wait to take level two, Superhero Mindset!


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    3 fun missions that you and your child will accomplish together to discover their superpowers. ("What a bonding experience!", said one parent.)
    This ONE exercise will teach your child the power of belief and prove to themselves that they can achieve their dreams.
    Mission three begins their journey on how to power up to keep their body healthy and brains supercharged.

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